Intuitive Heart Coaching

CeremonI Coaching sessions offer the individual, couple or family a safe, nurturing and honest space to be deeply heard and to seek within, identifying what the heart is truly calling forward. From this safe space created; one opens loving pathways of communication and healing with the Self. The personal work explored in these sessions birth powerful intentions and create heart maps of manifestation that shift thought patterns, beliefs, old stories and emotional wounds that may be limiting one's expansion and joy. The heart work leads to a deeper commitment to oneself and to life!

In these sessions you are encouraged to delve into the wisdom and divine information that resides in the heart. Each coaching experience is opened and held with clear intention and deep respect and is customized for the individual. Open and honest heart listening and communication is at the core of the coaching provided. As needed; guided meditation, clearing breath work, mantra, affirmation and empowerment teachings are interwoven to create personal CeremonIs that launch the individual on their unique heart path of purpose and true potential.

These personal CeremonIs create clarity and peace, encourage self-honesty and respect and run 75-90-minutes in length. Whether you are challenged by a difficult decision, moving through loss or grief, curious as to what is next along your path or finding it difficult to live in the present moment these unique, personal awakenings brings you home to the center of your truth.

Session Fees
Individual Sessions $150.00
Couples/families $175.00

Call 612-964-6711 for an appointment.