Nielle Arnold is the creator of CeremonI Personal & Professional Power Practices, a Twin Cities-based initiative that encourages the listening to and learning from the heart. Through CeremonI Nielle offers yoga classes, one-one one life coaching, and transformative workshops designed to reconnect the individual to the truth within them. Nielle is dedicated to creating life-changing empowerment experiences that shift perspectives, create clarity and open the individual, couple, group or organization to what is truly possible. Nielle guides her students of yoga through what many refer to as Heart-High Flow; themed, challenging self-explorations that combine flowing asana, purifying breath work, powerful affirmation and mantra, inspiring music from around the globe and rich guided imagery that leads the yogi to look at oneself honestly and to discover what is needed to grow and heal. She has collected life changing tools, modalities, and experiences that have allowed her to dream and live big through her journeys into yoga, meditation, Indigenous Traditions and New Age empowerment practices. She strongly believes that you need to "feel it to heal it," and is honored to hold space for you as you travel within to your deep inner wisdom.

To contact Nielle email her at or call 612-964-6711

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