You can really fly

"For three days I experienced a gamut of emotions, positive and negative, joyous and debilitating, and I shared myself with 25 wonderful people all on the same journey as me. We cried, we sang, we laughed, we were brought to the edge of mental and physical exhaustion, we met head-on our deepest passions and fears, an d we hammered through all the muck layered around our hearts in order to locate and embrace our own, personal heart songs. It was the most vividly intense experience of my life. I awake now in the middle of the night with the faces of fellow journeyers in my head, the calming voice of Nielle in my ears, and the love of myself -the love of my life- beating in my heart. For anyone willing to give themselves up to an experience, to remove ego and self-judgment, to journey to your core, to find yourself again and again, then Personal Transformation Training is for you. My only advice to you is: if you're afraid, don't worry. Everyone is afraid. Embrace and enjoy your fear because it is yours, and sacrifice all that you know and all that you are for your fellow journeyers and for yourself, and your heart will be full when you leave."

~ Drew Marquesen

"Nielle is amazing, and I recommend her to anyone looking to heal, self-discover, and manifest their dreams. Through ceremonI, I experienced a significant internal shift. The spot that had kept me stuck for years became my source of power as Nielle guided and held space for me to move through some deep and intense emotions. As a result, I have learned how to listen and connect with my truest and most authentic voice. Because of ceremonI, I believe in my ability to create the life I have always dreamed of. Nielle helped me move through and take the first step, and that has made all the difference. The dream that I drew for myself on paper is in process in my daily life, and I am forever grateful to Nielle and her passion for creating CeremonI. She inspires, and she empowers with her presence. My life will never be the same, and this is good! I can't wait to see what else unfolds."

~ Katie Peterson

"Amazing and powerful– two words to describe the transformation weekends I have attended led by Nielle Arnold. She brings an unusual element of challenge, both to my yoga practice and my personal development as well. Nielle blends her native background traditions with those of yoga in a unique and imaginative way, creating a space that opens one's inner vistas. Every time I set foot on my mat in a Nielle class, I journey into not only my physical core, but my emotional and spiritual core. I have become reacquainted with my authentic self – the one instilled in my being. I am more fully engaged on the path of my life and will continue to use Nielle as a touchstone for my life changes. What a gift she is to this world of yoga!"

~ Julie Champ

"I can't recommend this experience enough. Whatever you are looking to obtain from Personal Transformation, Nielle has a powerful ability as a guide to meet you exactly where your heart is calling you to be; to create a space of comprehensive clarity and oneness. This is much more than a three-day journey. It will reinvigorate your intentions, alter your yoga practice, and shift your perspective."

~ Anders Eckman

"I was searching, searching, searching. I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be. I knew none of these things. I would take small steps forward and small steps back, often stuck not knowing where to turn, but knowing that something needed to change. Then I met Nielle; first through the most incredible yoga class (more of a spiritual awakening) and then again more deeply in my one-on-one sessions. I am now awake, truly awake to myself, to my path, and most importantly to my heart for the first time in a very long time. "Heart work" is a very hard thing to conceptualize; until you experience it first-hand. All I can say is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. If you are reading this, then my guess is that your heart is calling you to Nielle and I highly recommend you reach out to her to continue your journey of discovery. It is a discovery of beauty, of pain, of clarity, of joy and most importantly a discovery of truth. I know now that we all have the opportunity in this life to awaken to our own personal truth. The question is, how long are you going to wait? These sessions are as Nielle calls them "Heart Re-set Buttons" and when they are pressed, when you listen to your heart and let go of the limitations in the head, your life becomes your dream and your dream becomes your life!"

~ Matt Horovitz

"From the moment you meet her, you will know there is something very special about Nielle Arnold. She is the real thing. Through participation in Personal Transformation Trainings and her yoga classes, she has challenged me to nurture, first and foremost, the relationship I have with myself. Her powerful mantras, insight into human nature and compassionate wisdom have helped bring ME back to my (and everyone's) essential nature--Love. "

~ John Pigate

"Nielle Arnold has been an incredible inspiration to me both personally and professionally over the last nine years. She has an amazing ability to see the strengths of others and to help others uncover and develop their own personal heart song! As the Zen saying goes: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear", Nielle is always there, ready to hold space for the people in her many circles get to the heart of the matter and do their work. She has a deep, understanding of many different spiritual practices, methods and philosophies that help people of all walks of life get to know themselves in ways not easily done on one's own. The power of sacred ceremony can shift long-held belief systems, old patterns and bring clarity, closure, resolution, or what is needed. Nielle has an absolute calling to help create these ceremonies for what has meaning for you. "

~ Maggie Miley

"CeremonI cracked me wide open. I hadn't realized how much anger, angst, and helplessness I had held inside. Once I was open, I emptied it out, and the void made room to be filled with love, serenity, and empowerment. It changed my life instantly and the impact is still unfolding in new ways, each and every day."

~ Lang Ho

"I have experienced Nielle Arnold as a leader and guide both in yoga classes and through her Personal Transformation Workshop. In each and every experience I've been moved and inspired by her words and voice. In my re-membering my wholeness and reclaiming the wisdom of my body, she has been one of my most inspiring teachers. I'm making a bigger impact in the world as a man and as a father, stepping into my own greatness, and her guidance and heart work have been essential to that growth."

~ Eduardo Drake

"Nielle creates ceremony in an environment that is safe. Safe to let go of past stories, safe to lay down your fears, safe to move forward with your heart song and safe to be your authentic self. Through her teaching I have come to realize that I am becoming something much bigger, brighter and more authentic than I ever imagined."

~ Katie Ross

"Nielle's classes are a challenging combination of mental and physical workouts. I'm always amazed by her creativity in each area. She's a rare combination of hard-nosed trainer and inspiring philosopher. Her classes have deepened my yoga practice, while altering the lens through which I view the world and myself. I can't recommend Nielle highly enough and am truly thankful for her influence in my life."

~ John Mowery

"I happened into a Saturday morning yoga class and amazingly discovered the most unique and powerful yoga teacher that I had encountered in over 20 years. I have been gifted with an extensive yoga journey experiencing Master teachers including Sharon Gannon, Gurmukh, Shiva Rea, and renown Iyengar and Anusara yogis but have never experienced such deep and authentic heart-healing and personal liberation as I have through the gift of Nielle's guidance. Her gift is a powerful combination of Spirit and Insight that she lovingly opens up in each of her student's hearts; matched with the liberating pranic flow released through the specific asanas that Nielle selects. She guides her students to embody the heart lesson within each yoga practice she guides. Her class is so much more than 26 poses taught to a script; she brings an invitation to look deeper into what holds us back and restricts our dreams; and then lovingly challenges us to put it down so that we can pick up instead our true joy and light. She is simply amazing and it is a blessing to have found her."

~ Sheila Plunkett

"Two and a half years ago my yoga path connected me with Nielle Arnold. Since then I have participated in three Personal Transformation weekend workshops guided by Nielle. The PT process allows you to empty yourself of the old stories and create your new path. This journey has changed my life by challenging me to live in the present moment on and off my mat. I have also found a circle of yogis through these powerful workshops and joyfully claim them to be my family! I encourage you to walk your path of Personal Transformation with Nielle as she will change your life too!"

~ Lynne McCoy

"If Nielle were an element, she would be fire. She sets ablaze transformation in yogis. She inspires and challenges and comforts."

~ Alison Sipkins

"Will you think that I'm overstating the case if I say that Nielle Arnold's Personal Transformation workshop saved my life? I came to Nielle needing a reason to get out of bed after losing my 13 yr old son in a tragic accident and then 2 ½ years later having my husband die suddenly from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. I have wonderful family and friends who were there to support me as I coped with the losses and then began the task of building a new life for myself. However, it was Nielle’s classes that inspired the physical, mental and spiritual work that helped me to rebuild – and it was her loving, supportive, yet always challenging PT Workshop that made it all possible. She is a generous, gifted yogi with a heart as big as the Universe and she has willingly nudged each and every student to trust the path in front of him/herself. I am very grateful to have been encouraged and enriched from Nielle's teachings and I hope that many others get to experience it as well."

~ Marlene C McEwan

"Mind blowing. That's how I would describe my class and retreat experiences with Nielle. I have walked into class many times with things weighing heavily on my mind and heart only to hear Nielle speak to those specific areas in my life. It's like she is speaking directly to me. When I emerge from her classes and retreats I always feel more centered and connected with my truest self."

~ Laura Anderson

"Nielle Arnold is one of the most encouraging, driven and inspiring women I know. She has been graced with a true gift, a gift which allows her to truly listen and to be there for those in her presence, both physical and spiritual. From the moment I met Nielle she has been there for me, she has encouraged me to be my brightest self and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that Nielle continues to grow her roots and spread a message that may not always be easy to embrace, but worth every breath that's taken, with tears and with smiles this woman is amazing."

~ Lindsey Spoolmann