The Journey to Your Heart Song

There is a song within you and it's one only you can sing.
The world is waiting to hear it.
This song is a steady beat of truth.
It sends a message of limitless love and resource.
It calls you to sing with your authentic voice.
It carries a vibration of unlimited potential.
It reminds you -YOU CAN and YOU WILL.
Its sound flows freely without question or hesitation.
The way to remember this sacred song is to journey wide and high,
following the only true compass that exists; Your Heart.
This is a song only you can sing.
It is your true heart song, and the world is waiting.
Together we journey to remember it.

Welcome to CeremonI


My mission is simple. I believe each of us has a sacred song within our hearts. If we listen and live from this song, if we unite with its power, it will guide us to the richest depths of our being and to the greatest healing tools within. When we live from this song, we remember that every moment of our lives is sacred. Through CeremonI I offer many different paths of personal development for you to Journey that lead YOU to your true Heart Song.