CeremonI offers several workshops and retreats each year that range from three-hour mantra and drumming gatherings to three-day Empowerment Intensives. Workshops and Empowerment Experiences can also be customized for a particular circle, organization or event.


Circles & Cycles of Light Learning with Song

In-Sights. Intentions. Inspirations. Instruments. IN-Couragement. For the Modern Light Walker

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Thank you for responding to the recent survey sent. It provided so much insight into what is Wanted and Waking within you. I am committed to offering diversity in the Empowerment Experiences I guide in order to make ceremonies accessible to all and your feed back is the sacred compass directing and aligning what will be offered throughout the year.

Your hearts have spoken and I am honored to Walk your Wants with you! Here is an overview of what is being offered in the upcoming Cycles for the Circles.



Winter Wombmen's Weekend

Waking the Water Within An All-Women's Event December 2-4, 2016 Potters Farm, WI

Join Nielle for a three-day Empowerment Experience honoring the wisdom in the Water, and the water in our Wombs that birth our ever-changing world. This is an immersion into your personal power, your planetary impact and your prayerful practices of self-care and sustainability.

Join this intimate circle of 12 female seekers for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Our Wisdom wakes us to What Was, What Is and What will Be!

Exchange $800 Flexible Payment Plans Available 12 Seekers Welcome

Potter's Farm is just 4 hours NE of Twin Cities. Seekers will drive in groups launching from Minneapolis/St Paul.

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Radiant Revelations

A New Year's Revealing of Your Mastery, Your Medicine & Your Magic
Reveal Cycles of Creativity & Clarity for the New Year and the New You!
January 13-15th, 2016 Potters Farm, WI.

The circle that gathers will journey to and through an experience where Purpose meets Passion and confidence takes hands with the truest expressions living within your being. You will activate the Authenticity Advocate and the Architect of Awareness & Action that lives within you, as you Reveal and Remember.

This 3-day Illumination Intensive will open each seeker to that which lives in their Dream Drishti, their highest heart priorities for the New Year. Each seeker will design a map of their waking dreams and desires with a newfound focus, motivation and trust in the self and life.

The Retreat Will Offer

Exchange $800 Flexible Payment Plans Available 12 Seekers Welcome

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Lessons of Light

Maps, Movement & Manifestation
Tuesday January 3rd, 10th, 24th & 31st 2016

Many of you have requested a cyclical, evening gathering where the power and magic of the Illumination Weekend Intensives can be experienced in weekly doses of intuitive heart coaching, yoga, meditation and sacred sound.

Imagine for a Moment...

You are experiencing a group Empowerment Coaching/Channeling session with Nielle.

You are surrounded by the support of an intimate community learning right alongside you.

You are flowing on your mat through an all- new Soul/Self, yoga-inspired body of movement that activates empowerment themes and tools into your cells.

You are grounded in a seated meditation that anchors and integrates the light-filled messages the circle is opening.

You are experiencing sacred sound that seals and sends your new understandings.

What We Imagine We Become.

This is Lessons of Light and it launches January 2016!

Each Tuesday We Experience-

You are the Architect of Your Awakening and the Advocate of Your Authenticity.

Light Up Your Life in the New Year!

Exchange for Series of 4 Gatherings $300 Registration is Open!

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Sacred Seeker Scholarships

Would you Like to Share the Gift of Ceremony with Another?

I am committed in every way to ensure the CeremonI experience is available to ALL seekers hungry for a life-shifting experience of self-care and self-development.

We are offering the CeremonI community the opportunity to gift anonymously any dollar amount of your choosing to the Sacred Seeker Scholarship Fund. All abundance gifted and gathered will be allocated for partial scholarships to those who formally apply for assistance with the financial exchange for coaching sessions, workshops and retreats.

If you are called to donate to this fund please click on the link provided below.

Thank you for your cycles of giving, they gift growth to the circles that are coming.

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Retreat Restoration

New Warmth, Light & Foundation for the Farm that Holds Us

Potter's Farm is a welcoming, easily accessible home away from home for many of our ceremonies throughout the year. I will be guiding circles at Potter's Farm frequently in 2017, offering more Illumination Destination Retreats on this blessed land than ever before. The land is optimal and magical for our extraordinary gatherings of growth.

There are a few specific restoration projects calling for our collective care in order to create an even more magical experience for the circles that gather. I have a vision of making the following improvements by December 31st, 2016 and with your help we will financially feed the following

If you are called to donate to this fund please click on the link below.

To learn more about Potter's Farm visit Potters Farm

Thank you for your endless gifts of being. See you on the land soon!

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Walk to Wake Coaching Sessions

Nielle now offers Walk About-Inspired Coaching sessions where you take your Power & Processing to the Path! Take in the beauty of Mother Nature through all of your senses as you experience meditation in motion, breath meeting the bones, teachings and tools waking within as you walk!

All of the light, love, privacy and intimacy of an office session is still very present and so to is the endless blessings of the natural elements enhancing the growth and learning experience. Experience a walk that weaves channeling, coaching, movement, breath, teachings, tools and your sacred path.


PayPal Payment Processing

Starting November 1st, 2016 all PayPal transactions for coaching sessions will include a $5.00 fee to cover PayPal’s processing fee. Feel free to still use a credit card with Nielle if its your most convenient option and please be advised the PayPal invoice you will receive from CeremonI will now reflect a total session dollar amount of $155.



It is my greatest joy to be your witness and your guide through these group experiences and one-on-one sessions.


Light Walkers Keep Stepping In and Shining On!

Love & Light, Heart & Heels, Soul & Self


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