Yoga CeremonI

Weekly Yoga CeremonI Schedule

Saturdays 9:00am
Power Vinyasa
Corepower Yoga Uptown Minneapolis

Sundays 8:30am
75-minute Power Vinyasa
Corepower Yoga St. Louis Park

The Experience

These themed self-explorations combine challenging flowing asana, purifying breath work, powerful affirmation, mantra and intention-setting, inspiring music from around the globe and rich guided imagery that leads the yogi to look at oneself honestly and to discover what is needed to grow and heal. Every experience is uniquely themed and the yogi is asked to trust the strength of their body, open the doorway of their heart and step into a moving meditation that leads them to unveil what is present within them and calling to be nurtured, purified, fed, held or released. These challenging asana experiences offer a safe space to speak to the self with love and connect with the spirit of life through breath, movement and the power of community. Each experience comes to life uniquely inside each individual, yet the collective energy of community created is palpable and launches the individual into their personal power.

Words from Your Guide

The muscle I am most concerned with opening, stretching, healing and strengthening is that of the heart. Yoga is a physical dance of the heart, an opportunity to pray with the body, to listen to one's own inner wisdom, to step into the truth that resides within and move out into our lives from this space. This sacred dance takes you from your head to your heart where we are all limitless and light-filled. My students come to remember; to remember the richness of life, their boundless potential, their incredible bodies and the strength and flexibility stored within them. The practice calls them into their courage, their truth and their connection with all of life.

Nielle Arnold has been creating yoga ceremony in the Twin Cities since 2004. She received her certification through Corepower Yoga after immersing herself in the personal study of Vinyasa, Kundalini and Jivamukti Yoga and experiencing the profound openings, emotional release and spirit connection each brought to her life. Nielle is inspired by her mission and you will feel the rich commitment to the heart work she guides each time you are in her presence.